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Rapid changes demand rapid insights, which is why older, more rigid styles of business intelligence and data management just don’t work in today’s climate.

Disruptions caused by, and solutions created to deal with, crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how Jefferson Health’s Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience (DICE) Group was prepared with the intuitive tools and operational frameworks required to find, process, analyze and share data to handle a crisis.

While businesses struggle to adapt, the pain is showing through. Fortunately, with the latest technologies, cloud-based data services and analytics practices, organizations have the opportunity to be data-empowered and proactive in the face of disruptions, and to show inarguable returns on those investments.

Click here to read the entire conversation with TDWI’s senior research director, David Stodder, whose company provides data and analytics training for 95 percent of the Fortune 100.