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Among the lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic is that enterprises must think differently about their data. The ability to pivot and respond to ever-changing business conditions requires data agility.

“This past year has shown a critical need for organizations to reduce uncertainty, speed up digitization efforts, and unlock the value of data throughout their business,” said Josh James, CEO of Domo.

Modern business intelligence tools like Domo help organizations gain that data agility, at cloud scale, by offering seamless and secure data accessibility to all business users. This modern BI-for-all approach speeds actionable insights while sparking data curiosity for innovation, new sources of revenue, improved customer experiences and other business value.

Organizations have a unique opportunity to see Domo in action at this year’s Domopalooza. The free virtual event, taking place on March 24, will feature sessions led by distinguished industry analysts and data-driven business leaders from more than 40 organizations, including AWS, Disney Streaming Services and LEGO, and showcase 60+ customer presentations, industry roundtables and product workshops.

IT leaders from the State of Utah, which was able to quickly respond to the economic challenges presented by COVID-19, will be among the guest speakers.

Pandemic escalated need for actionable insights

The state needed data insights — fast. “Some people think the goal is opening the economy, while some think it is protecting health. But really, the goal is both, which is much more challenging,” said Kristen Cox, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget for the State of Utah. “That’s why you need data to figure out how to thread that needle in the most responsible way.”

Cox’s team had to respond fast to manage Utah’s response to COVID-19. Like many businesses and government institutions, her agency had multiple legacy government systems where data sat in silos, limiting their ability to share and collaborate. “Sometimes things in government can take months or even years,” Cox said. “We needed to make it happen in days.”

The State of Utah deployed Domo’s modern BI platform Business Cloud and within five days they had an application that gave them a single source of truth, collating data from across the state.

Since its initial implementation, the State of Utah has continued its modern BI-for-all approach to close the gap between analysis and action. “Domo has been the difference between reacting to a crisis and resolving a crisis,” Cox said. “It has given us the insight we needed to make good decisions for the people we serve.”

See modern BI in action

Now in its seventh year, Domo’s annual customer event will follow the award-winning virtual format set by Domopalooza 2020, with inspiring keynotes, innovative product news, and breakout workshops and education sessions. The event will showcase how Domo’s modern BI platform helps organizations drive additional value from their data and make it actionable for all employees, across their entire ecosystem.

“Domopalooza will bring together the data wranglers, doers and thinkers who are leading digital transformation efforts across their organizations and showcase new ways to get data to work at the speed and scale needed in this new world,” James said.

Domopalooza is designed for business executives, data professionals and IT leaders who want to approach BI in new ways, modernize business processes and get BI leverage by unlocking high-value data to take action on what matters most at cloud scale and in record time.

You can hear more about the State of Utah’s modern BI approach, as well as how other organizations are gaining business value through Domo, at Domopalooza. Register and to stay up-to-date on the latest agenda here.