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The past year has challenged every IT leader in new ways. From outfitting a newly remote workforce to accelerating digital transformation and working to solve myriad data/BI challenges, IT leaders have had to be functional, transformational and strategic.

Now, as businesses prioritize agility and resiliency, it’s more important than ever to answer questions like, what role does the CIO play? Which characteristics and toolsets are essential? How are your peers addressing today’s challenges?

For the past 20 years, IDG has surveyed thousands of CIOs and IT executives for its annual State of the CIO study. Now Domo’s technology allows you to benchmark your IT leader persona in order to glean insights, address challenges and opportunities, and see what tasks and tactics your peers are prioritizing.

It’s easy to get started. Visit here to take the assessment. The results will appear in a dashboard powered by Domo Everywhere. Then, using Domo’s embedded analytics functionality, you can visualize and share the dashboard in myriad ways.

Take your assessment today.